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King Solomon Garage Door Services prides itself in providing the highest quality garage door products at reasonable prices.  


Our company provides expert sales and service to residential and commercial overhead door customers. Our residential products include the sales and installation of garage doors and garage door operators. Commercial products include industrial door systems, rolling doors, high-speed doors, fire doors as well as loading dock levelers, seals and other specialty items.




Garage Doors and Gates.

These days, when people talk of shelter as a basic need, security is always associated with it. This is so as the growing population is becoming a major economic problem. And thus, it is always best to have a sort of safety measures at home as well as in business establishments to keep unscrupulous people away. One of the best ways to do that is through the installation of garage doors and gates, complete with locks and bolts. The more durable the materials for these panels on the main entrance and exits of the house the better it is for the property as well as the people living in the place. 

Types of garage doors and gates

There are a number of materials being used in the manufacture of garage doors and gates. Among the most common are:

Wood. There are also different types of woods that can be used in the making of garage gates and doors. All of which are very classy and stylish. The best one, though, should be good enough to ward off thieves and stray animals away.  Metal. Just like wood, there are also different varieties of metals used in making garage gates and doors. Iron, stainless steel, aluminum and alloy are just some examples for this. 

Parts of garage doors and gates

Just like any working mechanism, garage doors and gates are comprised of a number of parts that work in perfect concert for its functions in homes and business establishments. In most cases, it is the lock or the hinges that succumb to the daily wear and tear. But these parts are also made up of even smaller parts, which are the actual ones that cause the problem on the door or the gate of the garage. Among these parts are:

Opener. Usually the first to fail in a garage door and gate set is the opener due to the everyday wear and tear it receives. This may be maintained with lubricants, though. 

Springs. In every garage mechanism, a number of springs is being utilized. They take the brunch of impacts every use. Thus, they are also among the first that gives in to the pressures and abuse.  Cables. The cables are the ones that allow flawless open and close use on the garage door and gate. But when they get frayed, warped and beaten, they also cause difficulty in use, while at the same time gives off unwanted sounds. 

Bearings. Depending on the designs, height and weight, a garage door and gate may employ a number of bearings. They can dry up and require lubes. 

Indeed, the overall function of the garage doors and gates depends upon a lot of things, including the parts that make it up and the abuse it takes on a daily basis. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that all these parts are working at their best condition. If not, it is best to repair or replace them at the first sign or irregularity. Doing so keeps expenditures at the lowest as this will surely increase as the damage ascend as well. 



Garage Doors and Gates Installation.

Every home and business establishment should have a garage where vehicles can be parked and everything that is associated with the use and maintenance of these expensive possessions can be kept safely. While security is the main purpose of having a garage, it is also important that the entrance and exit to this closed space is easy. This is where the door and gate become necessary. The gate will be for the vehicle entrance and exit while the door will be for the driver or owners access. Over time though, these parts may become erratic basically due to the daily wear and tear. To continue enjoying the effectiveness and efficiency of the garage, it is necessary that the appropriate maintenance is provided. 
There are two types of maintenance when it comes to preserving any working part or thing, which in this case is the garage door and gate. First is regular maintenance, which is the most basic type of keeping the working parts of the garage at their top condition. This includes cleaning of the visible parts like the door panel, the outer lock, hinges and handles among so many others. Second is the repair or restoration maintenance, which will only be required if the regular maintenance fails to serve the purpose. In this type, there is a need for fix or if the parts are already irreparable, replacement.  
Among the internal working parts of garage doors and gates, the opener is usually the one part that can cause disruption in the overall operation. This is the part that allows easy entrance and exit of the driver or car owner to the garage. It may be due to a bad cable, spring or grease pack. So at the first sign of irregularity, it is best to get this part repaired or replaced—whichever is appropriate. But there is no need to get the entire part for this as there are also available replacements for springs or cables if these are the parts that are causing the problems in the opener. Being meticulous in identifying the real problem can actually save you big bucks. 
But there are some repairs and restoration schemes that may be too technical for an ordinary person. That is where technicians or handymen are required. These people can be easily contacted and hired to work on any garage door and gate type, material, or construction. If you are having trouble as to where these experts can be find, you can search online for service providers nearest your place. For sure, there are handfuls of selections that you never know are within the same area as you. 
Indeed, the function of garage doors and gates is very important to every home and business owner. This is why it is best to keep them maintained all the time. But like anything else, they may become erratic so a replacement or repair should be done on any of their working parts. When that happens, an expert on the task should be hired for best results. 
Garage Doors and Gates Maintenance.

Homes and business establishments can only be safe from unscrupulous people and stray animals when it is equipped with heavy duty doors and gates. The same is true with your vehicles. They need to be kept secured in the garage, complete with doors and gates as well. This will keep unwanted people, animals, things and elements off your expensive possessions all the time. Thus, you can expect longer service lives and easier maintenance to your vehicle. But just like these cars, your garage door and gates will also require regular maintenance to preserve its original condition. 

Every garage door and gate is comprised of a number of small working parts which collectively work to deliver smooth and flawless operation. Therefore, to ensure that the entrance and exits to the garage continuous to be efficient, these parts have to be maintained to their top condition. The problem though in these things is that you will know that they are not functioning well when damage is already noticeable. So at the first sign, like hearing audible noise when opening or closing the garage door and gate, make sure that you administer the appropriate maintenance to every problem. 

Common maintenance practices on garage doors and gates

Regular maintenance. From the moment a garage door and gate is installed in the home or business establishment, it is very important that a regular maintenance is administered. This shouldn’t be confined to ocular inspection on the visible parts but also to those internal and integral parts that are actually working to ensure flawless operations. These parts should include the opener, cables, springs, and bearings.  Repair, fix, or restoration. Whenever a sign of damage become visible, visually or audibly, it is best to act on a fix or repair. It may be the hinges or some loose springs or even just some need for lubes. If it gets bad, then there may be some parts that really need a fix. It is best to identify which is actually causing the problem or if this is not your cup of tea, hire the help of a professional. 

Makeover. There are also some people or business owners who want something more than the available garage door and gate. This is where a makeover will become necessary. In this type of maintenance, a change on the panel or parts may become necessary. 

Replacement. When the garage door or gate become irreparable, replacing the erratic part or panel will become necessary. This is a must and should be done immediately, if not, it will cause more damage and thus bigger expenditures. The best you can do is replace or call an expert on this matter to ensure even better result. 

Every maintenance scheme for the garage doors and gates should be administered properly to ensure the best result. By being able to identify the problem and immediately providing the accurate maintenance measure, every garage door and gate problem will surely be taken care of. Thus, the overall function is restored. 

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